Waiting Game from Curated Cannabis

Waiting Game from Curated Cannabis on 3/12/2021. THC tested out to 19.66%. This was gifted to me but you can find Curated 8ths at Mother Nature’s Remedy in Woodland Hills for $45. It’d been a bit since I’ve had a gem from Curated on the page, so when they hit me up and asked if I wanted to check out their latest batch of Waiting Game, I hopped at the chance. This giant hulked out bud is comprised mostly of chartreuse and lime green accompanied by rashes of amethyst and aubergine, coupled with sporadic wisps of orange tinged twine colored pistils, all of which are besieged by a tightly clustered brigade of tall white triches with bulbous heads giving the whole nug a snowed over look.

The nose out of the jar is very reminiscent of an old wooden spice cabinet, it brings to mind images of peppercorns and dried bay leaves, and comes off as a combo of that classic Jack Herer scent with a really peppery lean. Busting open the bud, I get essentially the same experience, but the pepper aspect gets a hair louder. Breaking it down by hand there’s again, not much of a change smell-wise, but it does seem to shift to a slightly more savory mode as I kept getting whiffs of spiced celery in the background. The inhale is very smooth, and on the bong I get a muted spiced floral, while on the joint it has more of a floral tang. The exhale on the bong is a semi sweet spiced floral with a musty cream underpinning and a distant vague echo of fruit and celery, whereas the joint carries those qualities as well, but the cream comes in just a touch sweeter. Cross checking the flavor on my Ghost Vapes MV1, at 170c I get a semi sweet floral with a light piney finish whereas at 185c, I get a slightly sweeter floral with a pine and hoppy aftertaste. The headchange comes on quick with a hazy headed slap that brings a feel good energy along with it. Mentally I felt perked up and ready to work, I found myself in a positive state of mind and easily able to focus, approaching tasks that only moments early I found daunting and completing them with gusto. Physically, that hazy headed calm spread into my shoulders and down my spine resulting in an overall chill body vibe, which I felt was very complimentary to that hyped up state of mind as it allowed me to stay still while funneling all of that productive energy directly into the computer. I started leaning on it as a “work sativa” as I appreciated the mental stimulation it afforded while distinctly lacking that sometimes annoying fidgety edge that won’t let one stay still. All and all I really enjoyed this batch of Waiting Game and I definitely could see myself picking it up again at the right ticket. Another fantastic selection by the awesome folks down at Curated Cannabis, great job once again, keep up the excellent work!

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