Pineapple Og by Wonderbrett

Been wanting to try this one for awhile as I love most of the Wonderbrett I’ve had and people keep telling me this is one of their best. So when I saw the smalls available I went and still grabbed. For being smalls these were still good size nugs and I’ve definitely gotten smaller nugs in a regular package of other brands. The nugs were light and darker shades of greens with a pretty standard length and consistency of pistils. Not the prettiest structure but still nice and easy to work with.

The smell was a savory pepper with some sweet maybe mango or some kind of fruity undertones. When smoking it really was an interesting savory sweet smoke that I couldn’t really compare to anything. Maybe even some Mexican candy terps in there. The high really smacked and was an instant mood elevator. I really loved the effects and taste and can’t wait to get the full size nugs and get the full experience. Overall another winner by Wonderbrett in my eyes. Looks like a lot of new flavors coming out by them too so very exciting.

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