Project 41510 by Grandiflora

Had been wanting to try Grandflora for awhile but kept missing out on strains I wanted to try. On a recent dispo run they had a lot of good flavors. This one was a complete mystery to me and I’ve read the genetics are unknown. I actually prefer that so I’m not expecting anything in particular. The appearance on this was pretty amazing as there were beautiful greens and purples covered with an array of orange pistils. The resin on this was pretty thick and really rounded out the look of this flower nicely. One interesting note was it seemed like 2 nugs really got purple and while 2 others stayed pretty green.

When smelling this flower it definitely reminds me of some gelato terps but doughy as well. Really gassy and a savory pepper that reminds me of a frito corn chip. I pick up some mint and pine too with some pungent skunk. Honestly this stuff was pretty stinky and almost off putting but I kept going back for more. When smoking this flower is almost all gas with some slight sweet mint underneath but when you exhale just all heavy harsh gas. For some that flavor profile might not sound the best but was honestly quite good and definitely let you know you were smoking something not vaping. The high was pretty nice started off mostly in the head but eventually settled out to a nice complete body high. Overall this was really nice flower but nothing about it made me think wow I need more. I believe that is strictly preference because this flower really felt complete.

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