Banana Foster by Cold Fire Extracts

Buddy told me about this knowing that I like to go back and forth with Bho and Solventless. This one in particular is a Live Resin Badder produced with Living soil indoor flowers. The appearance was a chunky yellow paste that is the perfect appearance for this product.

When smelling it has a smell of fresh baked banana bread and eucalyptus with some pungent skunk. When dabbing you notice a taste of sweetness and bananas almost like stale banana candy. On the downside their was a quite obvious plant material taste too. Reminded me of a nug run or maybe even trim run taste. Everything looked and smelled right so I’m not sure what that comes from. The high was nice and euphoric and a decent uplifting change. But it seem to have a short life. All in all for the price wasn’t the worst dab but not the best either. Will be trying other flavors to see the consistency.

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