Cali Berry by Lumpy’s Flowers

Been awhile since I’ve been able to score any Lumpys. I know they had some licensing issues and were building new facilities. Honestly I know nothing but that’s what I gathered from their Ig stories. But super stoked seeing them popping back up in stores. This flower was really nice looking and had a great blend of purples, greens and orange with a nice healthy coating of resin. Great bud structure and seemingly perfect trim.

When smelling I noticed this sweet and sour candy like smell but can’t identify what the flavor is just seems like a generic fruit punch smell but less chemical and more herbal. I remember the reckless rainbow had a similar sweet and sour vibe and so definitely picking up the reckless genetics here. When I really think berries when smelling then that’s what I smell but didn’t stand out as an obvious berry smell. When smoking the sweet and sour and definitely there along with some gas and earthy pine terps. Your mouth is left coated in a sweet almost raspberry candy like flavor. Really nice and unique tasting terps and has some similarities between the Raspberry Bellini hash I’ve had in the past. The high was a gentle euphoric one definitely had me feeling relaxed. I did notice I had to go for more smoke fairly quick as the head change didn’t seem to last very long. Overall it seems Lumpys is still growing fire tasting weed that burns clean and is enjoyable to smoke. Will definitely have my eyes out for more.

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