Grandi Guava by Grandiflora

To those that don’t know rumor has it Grandi Guava came from a bag seed of NorCal Nemo’s Guava Gas. The drama that followed was pretty funny but that’s neither here nor there. Pretty nice looking flowers here with plenty of purples laced in with the greens and a nice healthy coating of frost. Small bit of orange pistils sucked in tight against the bud. The space in between purchasing this flower and the Nemo guava was large but I can tell you these buds look nothing alike. Nemo didn’t have this much purple and definitely wasn’t dense nugs like these are. Comparing really shows the difference the nutrients have on the appearance with Nemo being organic and fed with homemade teas vs Grandi using Athena Ag (salts) One shit thing is there was a random stem hanging out and none of the buds were missing stems. For me wasn’t a giant loss but really doesn’t do much for the “top shelf” presentation.

When smelling I picked up on slightly sweet but unintelligible fruit smells along with a sweet creamy gas similar to a gelato. Overall the smell was subtle with the gas and funk coming through the most. When smoking I was surprised you taste some of the sweet fruity flavors combined with the gas in a nice way. But on the exhale you get this artificial chemical taste and not like chem terps but honestly it’s a back ground taste I pick up often in some of big commercial grows that leads me to believe it’s the nutrients impact on flavors. I’ve heard growers talking about how raw salts used in the nutrients are stealing terps compared to older growing methods. This is all speculation as I’m not a grower and know very little of what goes into the grows other than what they claim. Overall I like Grandiflora and this was decent flower but this was a great example of when you take really fire boutique cannabis genetics and grow them in a scaled up commercial grow it’s definitely going to lose something.

4 thoughts on “Grandi Guava by Grandiflora

  1. it’s true and you sound like you know what you’re talking about being able to tell the diff between “chemdawg” terps and “chemical” taste. And almost always shit will burn black and fast that is also right there in accordance with the other “shit” I am 38 learned old school when there was no amazon and lucky to get hands on botanical or advanced notes lol…yea! so anyways I have gone through lines of nutes this and that and in the end we’ll was a while ago but organic isn’t the fastest and the biggest but is the healthiest and nonce you learn the strain a little you can adjust. I have purple punch only in living soil and 2 gallon pots that are bigger frostier healthier than what I’ve seen and they selling in the store for $80 lol and then they bend ya over with that fat stem jeesh


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