Zemon Drop by Cold Fire Extracts

Upcoming extraction company that I tried based on a friend’s recommendation. Reading throughout their press releases and packaging information they really seem motivated to provide a high quality connoisseur level bho dab at a fair and reasonable price. I grabbed this flavor out of habit but as of late lemon terps have really been hit or miss for me as some are really harsh and chemical tasting so was kinda regretting it. When looking at this resin it really is quite a striking bright yellow and smooth in texture.

The smell was sweet lemon and pledge lemon combined that was pleasing and offensive to my senses all at the same time. Really has the pledge lemon drop smell closest to the candy I’ve smelled. When dabbing I was pleasantly surprised with a creamy lemon candy gas terp that was really enjoyable. Honestly out of all the flavors picked this ended up being my favorite and was also tasted like the highest quality with the purest extraction done. Overall this seems like a good brand with a great morality compass. Definitely will be trying more flavors in the future.

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