Dans Rollin Up Doughnut Joint

Definitely a lot of hype behind the doughnut joints right now. Even have Rec companies starting to make them. But with all the legal limitations I really think the traditional market has a leg up on the infused joints. The king of the Doughnut though is Dan and you see that in 2 ways: the quality of the material and quality and consistency of the craftsmanship.

The first one I tried I shared between 2 buddies. For such a small joint I was really impressed with how high we got. I don’t remember the flavors but was Surefire Selections for the flowers and Wca for the hash. The 2nd one I had was Z41 flowers by Surefire Selections and Papaya hash by Dank Czar. The craftsmanship on it was outstanding and burned perfectly all the way through. With good air flow no canoe and a doughnut hole each time. This one in particular I shared with 4 other buddies and again was really impressed with how long it lasted and how nice and substantial the high was. When you hit the hash worm the flavor really changed and became even more enjoyable. Overall if you’re looking for a doughnut Joint this might be the best one to get. It’s more of a sesh type thing for me as I don’t typically smoke J’s on my own. I think for high end options with Joints I prefer a cannagar with more flowers and hash with a slower burn but this was very enjoyable and I will be getting more for sure.

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