Majora’s Mazk by Hylia Farms

I have to admit that after smoking this growers Hylia Lemon (Lemon Bean) I was very excited to try anything he was going to drop next although mostly wanted to try the Z. But when I saw the artwork for this one I was immediately interested. It was fire and it was a strain I’d never heard of, although when speaking to Hylia he informed me it was a bag seed found in Zerbert. Man when I heard that I got excited for some candy terps. So the look was pretty spectacular in my opinion. Had that almost papaya look to it with the pistils sticking out so far and definitely a little airy look to it that you typically find with organic soil grown cannabis. The colors were dark greens and little bits of purple covered in a lot of frost. When I first received the flowers they were pretty wet and not only didn’t feel right but also didn’t smoke right. I know after talking with some different people who’s opinions I really respect that I wasn’t the only one to encounter that issue. I was able to jar cure with burping it daily to a really nice cure. My review will be based on smoking and smelling after that point.

The smell was a gassy gassy sweet smell with a tad bit of mint and pungent smell of skunk. The longer I smelled the more complex and nuisance the fragrance got. Sometimes smelling very sweet and almost fruity and sometimes smelling like sweet pungent diesel fuel. Always kept my nose wanting more. When smoking unfortunately most of the sweetness goes away and your let with a very gassy almost mouth cooling flavor with just a bit sweet creaminess left on your pallet as you exhale. Overall still a very enjoyable flavor even if disappointing compared to how I come to expect Zerbert to taste. The lung expansion and high on this one are quite special and for those who like one hitter type weed this is one of those types. This one really beats you up and makes you cough a lot but never has any bad taste just strong weed feel. And once smoked you almost immediately feel the stress and any anxiety melt away. You easily settle into a seated or laid out position and relaxed. What is also awesome is it’s just uplifting enough to keep you focused for any kind of creative work you want to do. Overall at the price I’m really disappointed with the fact that this needed a further cure. But once that cure was finished I was left with some really fire clean burning weed. I’m hopeful that my experiences with Hylia will get slightly less expensive and more consistent with the released product.

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