Papaya by Wonderbrett

I know everyone likes to shit on corporate cannabis as flavorless mids. Kind of reminds me of the music scene growing up where being on a major label automatically meant you sucked in some people’s eyes. Well one example that breaks that mold many times over in my experience is wonderbrett. So when I saw they had papaya I knew I needed to try it. First of all the buds are very nice and easily identifiable as papaya with orange stringy pistils sticking out more than you see typical see. Some lime green and hunter greens in there and a nice appetizing coating of resin. The trim was a little odd and slightly disappointing but I’ve also noticed this happens with papaya often so maybe something about the structure makes it hard to get a better trim.

When smelling the flowers you immediately notice the putrid tropical smell I’ve come to know as Papaya cannabis. When really smelling deep it almost became sweet baby vomit smell. So I stopped smelling that deep and tried to forget that. When smoking the flowers a lot of pungent tropical funk is there with some sweetness and a nice woodsy earthiness. The high was very mellow with a nice uplifting feeling and sometimes slightly spacey. I found it useful in social or creative situations the most. Definitely a nice mood enhancer. Overall I enjoyed this flower and the best part was the taste and smell. If your looking for something with heavy medicated effects I’d look elsewhere. Burned clean smoked great tasted great it’s why I’ll definitely keep going back to wonderbrett.

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