Guava Mints by Resin Ranch Extraction

Been long overdue for some Resin Ranch in my life! And Guava Mints was a great one to grab. When observing the color is this perfect slightly yellowed white and although I felt there could have been a little more moisture you could definitely smell that the terps were there.

When smelling you get this pungent tropical stink that smells delicious and repulsive all at the same time. With a bit of a cool menthos type smell similar to what you get In Zushi. When tasting you get this tropical funk that really coats your mouth in terps. Very similar to papaya but sweeter and more fruity than pungent. The only thing I picked up different from the standard Guava was some earthy and pine taste slightly there. On a side note this jar got left out in the heat when camping and the consistency had changed and pretty much buddered up but the flavor was still very good and strong still. Overall very stoked I got to try this as had been awhile since I had Resin Ranch and I can’t wait to get some more of their awesome flavors.

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