Chocolate Mintz by Small Boutique Farms

Been really stoked on small batch weed as of late so when I saw this one I was pretty intrigued. I hadn’t heard of this grower and this was my first opportunity to try anything by them. This bud was a nice light green with a few spots of the darker hunter green. A few orange pistils here and there with a generous coating of resin to finish it out. When smelling you pick up on an earthy and pungent skunk with some sweetness. The sweetness was almost a chocolate or caramel type terp but was too faint to tell. There was also a slightly potting soil smell.

When smoking it didn’t really taste at all like the sweetness but instead had the earthy and smoke taste. Overall it still burned and smoked clean I was just underwhelmed with then flavor. The high was decently strong definitely a relaxing feeling that comes over your whole body pretty quickly. Definitely euphoric and not too heavy for creative ventures or social times. I would definitely try more by this grower as it was clean smoke that looked great and probably just needs a couple tweaks to be real top end fire.

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