Super Lemon Cherry by Don Merfos Exoticz

So I have to admit I wasn’t very excited by this one and the look of the flowers wasn’t too much more exciting. Very dense nugs that give some of them a look of a Football. The color has a grey appearance because of the heavy coating of trichomes with some greens and yellows peaking throughout with little bits of purple. Barely visible pistils are tucked in tightly.

Now when I started smelling the flowers my perception really started to change as I was smelling some tangy citrus very similar to Lemon tree and some fruitiness that reminded me of a Cherry cough drop with a creamy gelato notes too. When smoking you definitely get that citrus and cherry flavors mixed and even though I couldn’t detect the creaminess I could definitely taste the sweetness and overall was really surprised by the quality of the smell and taste of this flower. The high was really nice as it comes on through the eyes and then seems to spread throughout the body. Leaving you uplifted and relaxed with decent munchies and ready to socialize or create. I don’t think this is the best night time weed as I really feel it stimulates my mind and inward thinking just as an added note but I also believe that’s why I enjoyed so much for creative activities. Overall I was really surprised and stoked on this flower and definitely would like to try more by them.

I thought the packaging was funny on this one

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