Gelonade by Ten Co.

Gelonade is definitely one of my favorite strains and I was hearing that the Elite batch by Tenco was some fire. The flower itself although nothing wrong with it some would say it has a boring appearance. The buds had a nice mix of light and darker greens with a uniform pattern of pistils that overall gives the bud a speckled look. A decent coating of resin that has everything looking nice. Small squatty buds that we’re cured nice and easy to remove stems and such.

When smelling you get the sharp citrus that I recognized write away as lemon tree’s contribution to the flower also very sweet and creamy with a smooth smoke. I had Connected’s version close to this one and although very similar the Ten co’s version burned better tasted stronger with extra gas. And none of the weird bitter finish. The high was also a bit stronger and came on through the head first and as your eyes start to feel it you start to notice just an overall relaxed feeling throughout the whole body. Definitely a really good mood elevator and not sleepy high so great for social situations or low energy creative ventures. Like not drumming because my arms felt slow. Overall another winner by Ten co and look forward to more elite batches.

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