Sweetz from Cali Kush Farms

Sweetz from Cali Kush Farms via The Kind Center on 1/12/2021 (shout out to Cali Kush Farms for making it happen!). THC tested out to 30.02%. This was gifted to but regularly goes for less than $50 out the door at The Kind Center. Everything that I’ve had from Cali Kush thus far has been pretty damn awesome so without further ado, let’s get into this batch of Sweetz. 

The surface of these hulked out buds is mostly a mix of sage and hunter greens with lime and midnight blue accents that dip into deep aubergine at points, coupled with pumpkin orange pistils, all of which is frosted over in a beautiful blast of white and egg cream colored triches. 

The nose out of the jar is a sweet minty must with a touch of grungy fruit and a distant chalk. Busting open a bud that sweet mint amps up, as does the fruitiness, but it leans slightly sweeter as the musty aspect dips off completely. Breaking it down by hand it leaves a light minty pine with a far off dingy herbaceous note on my fingertips as well as a sticky trich grime, whereas the grinds themselves have a dirty sweet fruit quality with a nearly off putting sour note, it’s a sweetness with an earthy zing that almost hits my nose like a toned down freshly chopped ginger root. 

The dry pull on the joint comes across with a subtle chalky sweet floral and a vaporous mint that lingers on the lips. The inhale is smooth, and also has a chalky sweet floral with a slightly fresh must underneath on the joint, whereas the bong is more of a light sweet floral with a fruity lean. The exhale is a muted fresh floral must with a minor herbaceous zing on the joint whereas the bong is a very light sweet fruit that hits me sort of like a watermelon flavored Hint water with a minty pine aftertaste. Cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c it’s a light sweet floral with a strong pine aftertaste whereas at 185c, it’s essentially the same but the pine seems to shift into more of a piney mint giving it an overall fresher taste. 

The headchange came on fairly quick but also took some time to fully ramp up. At first, I felt capable and cognizant but in a short amount of time I started to question myself, stumble over my words, my memory recall was absolutely shot, and it became intensely difficult to hold on to thoughts as they would manifest and then mere seconds later would evaporate. While I found myself thoroughly stunted, it’s stranglehold on my cognition did taper off to much more manageable levels about 20 minutes in.  Physically I felt a mild weight throughout my entire body, mostly on the shoulders and upper back, and a slight numbing effect across my forehead and sinuses. There’s also a small dose of feel good energy that had me swaying back and forth and bobbing my head to the beat of the music I had playing in the background as I tried to finish up what I was working on at that moment. Over time that too fades, and while I would tend to save smoking this for the evening, I found myself caught off guard by how sleepy I got seemingly out of nowhere to the point I’d start nodding out on the couch before heading off to bed in a heavy-eyed stupor. 

All and all, I dug this batch of Sweetz, it’s got a solid smack that throws you for a hard initial loop, but settles into a warm comfortable buzz that’s excellent for that post work transition period into a relaxing evening. For the fair ticket it goes for at The Kind Center I’d be on board to grab more no doubt. Excellent work once again Cali Kush Farms, y’all are great at what you do, keep these bangers coming!

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