Yellow Zushi by Ten Co. (Zkittlez x Kushmints)

After trying a little bit of a buddies Yellow Zushi I was really eager to get and review. Many thanks to Percy Terps and Ftt for making it happen. The appearance of the flower definitely has a lot of the bushy zkittlez characteristics but there are some other buds that seem more influenced by the Kushmints and have a more traditional structure. Nice bright lime green color with some sporadic spots of hunter green. Slightly above avg coverage of pistils and slightly below average coating of trichomes also typical for zkittlez strains.

When smelling you get very sweet candy and citrus terps. I heard few people say they tasted pineapple terps but to me it was like an overripe grapefruit mixed with some pine and earthiness. When smoking I honestly wish the smell came through more. You definitely got the typical artificial menthol candy terps at a good strength but the grapefruit terps almost completely disappear. That in its self would have been fire but unfortunately it have a very bitter finish and didn’t burn the best. The positive out weighed the negative but compared to the previous batch I was disappointed. The high came on through the eyes and spread down the body with a warm sensation of happiness and stress relief. When smoking before bed it was great for me but be careful because it could easily get your mind over active if you’re prone to that. Overall I was disappointed with the burn but still can’t advise you to avoid because if you catch the right batch it’s going to be some of the best smoke out right now.

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