Rose Runtz by Rose Gardens Ca

Zkittlez x Gelato

After smelling some good stuff by Rose I was eager to try. Unfortunately they didn’t have what I got a look and smell of but was pretty stoked they had just dropped Rose Runtz. Beautiful looking buds that I’m not sure of the grow method but based on the structure I’m guessing organic living soil. Striking contrasting colors of greens and purples with so much resin coverage that it gives it a silver shimmer. The rust orange pistils really make the colors pop and give this flower a really nice look.

When smelling you could smell a little sweetness similar to gelato but so much of the runtz sweetness. Also lots of gas and then some odd burning rubber chem smell. It was honestly a concerning and and not appetizing smell. The structure was nice and easy to work with but when picking it apart was still unfinished and a little too damp. When smoking it tasted like it smelled for better or worse. The ash wasn’t great but not black. It didn’t burn dirty but didn’t really burn clean. The high was pretty standard I felt relaxed pretty quickly and in a better mood but the taste was distracting and kept my mind ruminating on it as I sat there high. I think a lot of my problem was personal preference as I had a fairly picky buddy grab the rest from me because I didn’t enjoy enough to finish. Overall it looks fire smells interesting smokes like it smells and although a little wet I don’t think any of the issues were grow or chemical related. So if I could get the right strain and smell it ahead of time would possibly get again but at the price tag would have to be just right.

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