Cookies and Cream by WookSauce Winery

GSC x Starfighter

So there was a lot of hype when this was dropping and it got me excited to try it. Right away looking at it there’s no doubt that this really clean 6* hash. I instantly think of the white sands of a tropical beach but even more pure in color. When opening and taking a smell your immediately hit with this creamy vanilla cake gas and sweetness that really stands out and is surprising loud after a fresh thaw. The consistency once thawed started to stick together even when there was no evidence of greasing up. Made it a little like working with a more manageable fresh press.

When dabbing it’s this creamy cake flavor that really is sweet like a dessert with this gassy element that really makes it something I want to dab again and again. I remember reading a previous review that really had me excited that this was going to be a heavy dab I don’t remember who it was but really doesn’t matter because it wasn’t that for me. It was a nice relaxing high and definitely substantial enough for me to be stoked on it and really made watching tv a much more engaging experience and my movie quite a bit funnier. Overall I’m stoked on this one great looking hash that has awesome terps and melts super clean with a very enjoyable high. I would say if you get a chance to try this one do it.

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