Yellow Zushi from The Ten Co

Yellow Zushi from The Ten Co on 3/19/2021 (Huge shout out to @roldbyg for making it happen). No testing info available on this batch. This was gifted to me and I’m not exactly sure what it would go for in a shop if you could find it. I imagine it’d be somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-60 pre-tax. It’s coming up on two years since I first reviewed a Ten Co strain (Blue Zushi) so when RoldbyG offered up this Yellow variant I was more than on board to check it out. 

The surface of these bulbous buds are a mix of sage, hunter and fern greens with occasional specks of midnight blue, complimented by bursts of rusty orange pistils, all of which is hazed over in a coat of parchment white triches. 

The nose out of the bag initially hit me with a wave of fruity candy, very much like Skittles, but also has a savory almost soy sauce-like quality lingering in the background.  Busting open a bud the citrus really opens up and brings an acidity with it. It’s been a while since I’ve had one but it’s very reminiscent of a Pamplemousse LaCroix with the flavoring kicked up just a notch. Breaking it down by hand was challenging as it was fairly squishy in nug form, but dense on being deconstructed, and it did not want to break down as easily as most of the herb I typically come across. There’s a bright sugary citrus that lingers on the fingertips while the grinds themselves have that amped up Pamplemousse LaCroix scent with a distant mint pine freshness in the background. 

A dry pull on the joint comes through with the grapefruit uptop but has a grungy edge and a fresh undertone that repped a little harder than it did in the grinds. The inhale is smooth, and on the joint has a subtle sweet freshness, whereas the bong had that sweetness as well but leaned more floral than fresh. The exhale from the joint is a sweet floral mustiness at first, but the Pomelo makes itself known although muted and has a touch of freshness underneath, whereas the bong is a lighter grapefruit with a fresh mint pine backing. Cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c I get a sweet fresh floral with a hint of citrus and a pine that lingers momentarily, whereas at 185c I get a fresh sensation on the way in and on the way out it’s more of a light citrus floral. 

The headchange comes on quick and brings with it an immediate calm. With a single bowl the anxieties of the week that existed mere moments earlier completely vanished, washed away by a wave of chill soothing energy, the type that makes you want to take a seat and just start contemplating life. I was impressed with its staying power as it managed to last through a walk to the store and back to grab a last minute veggie for dinner. As I cooked it felt like I was on some sort of autopilot, present enough to navigate through an easy dish, but my mind constantly wandered from one topic to the next without me being fully cognizant of the fact. It stayed with me for an hour or so even after dinner, and it wasn’t until then I was able to muster enough power for a follow up bowl. I decided to spend a full day with it, starting with a wake and bake, and by about 11:30am I was scarfing down an early lunch followed by a 3 hour nap. I woke up again only to smoke more, and found myself ordering dinner even though it was really early and I wasn’t all that hungry, but the munchies had taken hold and I was fiending for a Bionico so I pulled the trigger on Uber Eats with priority delivery. 

All and all I really enjoyed this batch of Yellow Zushi, and while it may not win any bud beauty contests, the long lasting effects and fairly unique flavor make up for it in spades. I could definitely see myself copping this again if I found it at the right ticket. Great work once again Team Ten!

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