Grapes of Wrath by Wonderbrett

Grape pie x Jet fuel gelato

So I’m a pretty big fan of Wonderbrett they have some really strong unique flavors that come at a real reasonable price compared to flowers that are less consistent and more expensive. I kept hearing Grapes of Wrath was one of the best so was super stoked to do this review. The flower really was quite nice looking with a good variety of green colors and even little bits of purple in there too. A nice coating of trichomes that gives it the nice salted appearance.

Upon smelling I was really surprisingly underwhelmed by the smell and really only got a little bit of sweetness and dusty earthiness. This flower really had pretty near perfect structure of flower great shape good size. But when handling I noticed right away it was pretty dry. And I guessing that’s why the lack of smell. Now since I post my reviews a little slow there’s always some confusion on the packaging dates and when I smoked and handled this flower. So to make things clear this flower was packaged on 3/18/21. I first opened and smoked this flower on 4/28/21. I’ll admit that’s a little past my typical one month rule but still well within a range I feel should still have someMoisture. Definitely interested in your thoughts and experiences on this. When smoking not a lot of flavor came through mostly tasted like smoke and the earthiness I could smell. Maybe a little bit of sweetness too but very faint. The high was a sedative one that really made it easy to settle in and relax. I instantly felt my eyelids get heavy and an overall feeling of calm wash over me. I could also see it being very useful for sleep. Overall not the best representation of Wonderbrett or probably of this strain. If I can get a chance to get it fresh I’ll definitely try again. This is a good example of why those dates on the back matter. They just need to be more consistent so we really can have a threshold in place that works for us.

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