Lemon Cherry Gelato by B Eazy Buds

Ok so was super stoked to contacted by Beazy himself and that he enjoyed my reviews and was interested in having his flowers reviewed. It’s a bit of a nerve racking experience when you meet these people before reviewing their product because I’m very aware of the work and risk involved and plus they’re usually very nice people so I don’t want to disrespect that but also balancing that with not disrespecting the trust my followers give me. With that being said all these reviews will be honest and any criticism will be as constructive and respectful as possible. The appearance on these flowers was crazy so much so I posted to my story just to show them off. Dark purple flowers for the most part. Some bits of darker greens on possibly the inside of the plant where it might have stayed insulated and warmer than the rest of the environment and not turning purple. Great solid structure with a crazy amount of trichome coverage. When I say crazy I mean some of the most I’ve seen on any flowers I’ve had. It’s quite spectacular looking. The cure was perfect not wet but sticky easy to work with and break apart.

When smell the flower it’s a sweet and gassy lemon treeish smell that’s really in my wheelhouse of lemon terps. With the sweetness it also reminds me a bit of the lemonade terps I really enjoy just not as tangy. When smoking the taste really transfers over very well. I really couldn’t find anything thing missing from the flavors that I was smelling. The smoke and burn was clean and really burned just right. The terps also had a decent punch to them that left my coated in that sweet lemon terp. The high was a pretty medium high that was uplifting and relaxing. Definitely not a good smoke if you got a lot to do but will still allow you to be creative or enjoy some video games or funny tv. Overall I was really stoked on the quality of flowers and even I’d say pleasantly surprised by the all around solid offering here. I can give it a strong recommendation to the pickiest of smokers.

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