Candy Chrome from 710 Labs

Candy Chrome from 710 Labs via Butter in Santa Ana on 1/30/2022. THC tested out to 20.83%. Purchased for $55 out the door due to first timer discount, normally would be around $75ish out the door. Recently I found myself window shopping at Butter Santa Ana as my lady was in the market for some concentrates, and as my eyes wandered around the store while she was making her selection, I spotted this batch of Candy Chrome on the shelf. I had heard some mixed opinions on it from some reviewer pals of mine so my curiosity was definitely piqued, and with the first time customer discount in play, it came in at a ticket I simply couldn’t resist. 

710 Labs flower is always straight up beautiful and this batch is no exception. This bud is so heavily inundated with frosty white trichomes that aiming to take a detailed look at its surface is like trying to make out your surroundings through your windshield while driving in whiteout conditions on a rural mountain highway. Through the blizzard you can make out various aspects of the olive and pear green budscape, along with sizable swaths of aubergine, but all of the details are obscured by the intensity of the trich-squall.

The nose out of the jar is predominantly musty but also brings a light fruity sweetness with just a touch of chalk. On busting open a bud, that musty sweetness really widens out and becomes a little less fruity while somehow maintaining it’s sweetness level, and a vaporous mint makes itself known. Breaking it down by hand my fingers are left with an earthy pine and a hint of mint, whereas the grinds themselves are much more complex, with notes of overly ripe melon, sugar cubes, chalky necco wafers, all of which is underlined by a gassy adjacent freshness. 

Taking a dry pull off the joint I get a light melon-ish/mango-ish sweet cream that leaves a hint of sugar on the tongue. The inhale on the joint comes with a musty chalky sweet floral whereas the bong is less descript and just has general light mustiness. The exhale on the joint brings a gassy sweet floral with a musty underpinning, whereas the bong is a musty semi-sweet cream with a hint of vaporous spice. Cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c I felt a slight cooling sensation on the inhale which brought a sweet mint pine taste with it, while the exhale was extremely piney with a minty backing and left that pine lingering on the tongue. At 185c the mint pulled back and became more floral, with the exhale consisting of an even mix of floral mint pine, but this time it was the floral note that ended up lingering on the tongue for a bit afterward. 

The headchange came on quick with a nice gentle thwap that immediately brings any situation down a few notches. Physically I felt some pressure in my forehead, behind my eyes, and a little weight on the edges of my shoulders and often before I knew it, the tension I typically carry with me through my work day had melted away by a large margin. Mentally I was able to follow various media without issue, TV nor games presented any sort of challenge, but when it came to putting together my thoughts it felt like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle with two locally anesthetized arms. Just sloppily bashing ideas together in hopes it’d make sense at some point down the line. I would often stop mid sentence and ask myself “where am I going with this?” while another part of me would try to continue writing, but with that crucial aspect of my cognition locked up I’d end up hitting a sort of mental “blue screen of death” where I’d shake my head in an attempt to “restart” to no real avail. However, even as incapcitated as my brain may have been, I still felt like I wasn’t quite on the level I wanted to be. Even though I was feeling it I found myself wanting to smoke another bowl in short order, I was just shy of a certain mark of comfort, and while it made the monkey on my back much smaller, it was still there like an itch needing to be scratched. 

All and all, this was some great smelling gorgeous looking flower, and for the ticket I got it at I’d pick it up again in a heartbeat. That said, at the normal rate I’d have a hard time copping this again because, while it ticked most of the boxes, it didn’t quite check them all and at that top tier level that’s what I’m looking for when graduating strains to re-up headstash status. 

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