Dinosaur Food from L.A.Made

Dinosaur Food from L.A.Made via Peace of Green on 1/17/2022. THC tested out to 26.328%. Purchased for $25 out the door. If you’re unaware, there’s a somewhat hidden gem in Downtown LA called Peace of Green that hosts jars exclusively from Capulator’s brand, L.A. Made. It’s a no fuss no muss sort of spot with the best deals you’re going to find on indoor herb pretty much anywhere in Southern California. 

The surface of these bitsy yet dense buds are a mix of emerald and shamrock green with sparse sporadic specks of deep aubergine, wild bunches of dark copper pistils that look as if they’re exploding through the canopy of the nug like solar flares blasting off the sun, and dense collections of triches that get so thick at times they form brilliant crown like ridge lines along the outermost exterior.  

The nose out of the jar hits like straight MAC at first, there’s a general mustiness that’s paired with spice, and a minty vapor on the backend that zings the inside of my nose just a little. Busting open a bud, a berry sweetness pours out but the mustiness remains present, yet has a creamy lilt with that vaporous sensation still making itself known in the background. Breaking it down by hand, there’s a sweet sugary mint with a musty cream underpinning on my fingertips, while the grinds themselves have a sharply sweet minty berry quality. It’s as if the mint kicks down the door allowing that berry sweetness to swarm your sense of smell. It’s hard to describe but in my notes I stated it “smells delicious, as if someone mixed a tropical hi chew and a piece of winterfresh gum and dropped it in a dollop of whipped cream”. 

The dry pull on the joint came with a sweet floral and spicy grungy tang, coupled with a distant hint of sweetness that’s somewhat blown out by that spice, and a minor minty cooling sensation. On the bong the inhale had a sweet yet perfume-like floral, whereas the joint had more of a sweet chalky candy taste that beared a slight resemblance to a candy cigarette. The exhale on the bong was a spiced floral sweet cream with a touch of must, hint of fruitiness, and a fuel like tang on the bong. The joint was very floral and sweet, but also has a spiced baked good element to it that hit me sort of like a pumpkin roll, along with a chalky overtone and a minty finish. The taste profile was definitely complex and hard to pin down but enjoyable all around. Cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c there’s a light sweet floral with a hint of mint on the way in while the exhale is mostly pine wrapped in a light mint. At 185c it’s mostly a straight floral with an astringent mint and a lighter sense of pine. 

The headchange came on quick and slapped with a spacy thwack. There’s a bit of an ASMR tingle that ran down the back of my neck, and into my shoulder blades, as well as an easy going calm that permeated my whole body and put a bit of weight at the edge of my limbs. Mentally, I was completely lost in the sauce. I was so spaced out at one point that I was reading articles on my phone when suddenly remembered I was expecting a text that I didn’t want to miss, so I looked up and started scanning the room for my phone and for a brief moment couldn’t remember where I’d put it, when all the sudden it dawned on me that it was on my lap with the article loaded up on it that I was just reading a second ago. It was a bit of psychological peek-a-boo that caught me completely off guard and I had to laugh at myself a good few seconds afterward. While it’s not quite one hitter quitter status, it is fairly close, as I didn’t find myself needing much to get thrust to the edge of space and beyond. 

If it wasn’t evident in the review so far I really loved this jar of Dinosaur Food, and even though most of the buds in my particular batch were a bit popcorny, for the $25 out the door I absolutely cannot complain. Fantastic work on this one L.A. Made, you are putting out unique and excellent quality indoor at an Old Pal sort of rate, which is extremely cool of everyone involved and gives the whole op that “for the community” kind of vibe. Thanks for existing. I will definitely be popping back over to Peace of Green to stack up on some of those $20 holler specials ASAP. 

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