Dark Karma from Fig Farms

Dark Karma from Fig Farms acquired on 3/05/2022. THC tested out to 32.58% (although I am not sure if that’s THC or TAC) Huge shoutout to the Fig Farms Team for making it happen, as well as Dylan at Upnorth Distribution, and my dude @rip215 for the strain recommendation. This was gifted to me by Fig Farms via their distributor Upnorth but a typical Fig 8th goes for $62 out the door at a Catalyst shop. Wanting to get Fig Farms back on the page I grabbed some Triangle Sunset from Catalyst Long Beach, but as luck would have it they no longer run that strain, so in the interest in reviewing something you can actually get your hands on they offered to furnish me with something from their current line up. 

This jar of Dark Karma consisted of two nugs: one beefed out champion nug and its stout companion. The surface of the buds are mostly a mix of olive, hunter and lime greens with subtle pops of violet and aubergine, entangled in gangly bunches of cantaloupe colored pistils, all of which is flooded over in copious amounts of snow white and daffodil yellow triches.

The nose out of the jar is a sweet minty must with a hint of dim fruity sweetness, there’s a savory spice aspect to it as well, and overall it hits my nose sort of like a peppered mango but enrobed in a fresh herbaceousness. Busting open a bud that spiced fruitiness is still present but is backed by a strong vaporious mint that’s reminiscent of a mild Vic’s Vaporub. Breaking it down by hand was challenging as it was very dense, it really put my fingers to work, and left them smelling of light sweet mint and a touch of fruit. The grinds themselves managed to amp up both the fruity sweetness and the vaporous aspects to a point where it smelled like a mango Hi Chew that was hit with a splash of Ice Drops, a spicy yet fruity sweet bite with a peppery fresh zing, with those sweet and savory qualities punching at my nostrils for dominance.  

The dry pull on the joint comes with a chalky sweet floral and a touch of that fruitiness but it’s relegated to the distant background. The inhale on the joint had dough like musty floral whereas the bong had a surprisingly sweet yet brief note that at some points hit my tongue like a gassy hostess powdered donut. The exhale on the joint came with an astringent floral and a muted minty background, there was this sort of rubbery aspect that was hard to pin down, but to put it roughly my notes say “almost feel like it tastes like band-aids and hydrogen peroxide, but in a flower type of way”. The flavor from the bong was a much more familiar musty sweet chalky cream. Cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c there’s a sugar sweet floral with a fairly strong minty aftertaste, whereas at 185c there’s a mild floral and pine mix with a light yet noticeable piney echo. 

The headchange comes on quickly initially but also has a slight creeper ramp up overtime. Mentally I didn’t feel too worse for wear. I was able to maintain focus with some minimal effort, but if I relaxed my concentration for even a brief moment I’d find myself easily distracted, drifting off into a world of wholly unconnected thoughts. When I managed to snap back to reality I’d just be staring at some cat video on my phone or doom scrolling through reddit on autopilot. However, I should note that over the course of about 30 minutes it did become increasingly difficult to stay present but never felt impossible, it manages to have a very chill effect without passing into IDGAF territory. Physically there was a touch of pressure in my forehead and a general sense of calm that ran throughout my entire nervous system. My torso started to feel just a little more weighty than usual as well. I’d save this one for an evening with some engaging TV and a pizza or maybe a lazy Sunday morning paired with some coffee and story based gaming.

All and all I enjoyed this batch of Dark Karma, it’s another fantastic and unique offering grown to perfection by Fig Farms that definitely stands out in a sea of Gelatos that is the California recreational market. The ticket is extremely reasonable at Catalyst shops to boot, so under the right circumstances I could see myself picking it up again, especially if there were some rainy days on the horizon as I feel it would make a good companion in that type of weather. Awesome job Team Fig, keep up the great work!

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