Garanimals by Eden Cannabis Co.

(Grape Pie x Animal Cookies)

Purchased at Garden of Eden in Hayward for 60 out the door (40 with my employee discount). 60 bucks is my ceiling for how much I’ll spend on bud, although it’s not a bad price considering that the standard price for top shelf in the Bay Area is 60 plus tax.

I’ve been a huge fan of Cannarado’s Grape Pie crosses lately so I was super stoked to give this one a shot and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. If it’s not obvious from the picture this strain is totally coated in trichomes, you could easily mistake it for Purple Punch if it wasn’t for the denser nug structure. The smell is also similar to PP, it has the same super sweet grape syrup smell with a bit of mustiness from the Animal Cookies. The high is what really sets this strain apart though, it has an extremely heavy relaxing indica high. The effects hit pretty fast and very hard, this strain will have you spacing out like 5 min after your first hit. It can be pretty intense if you’re not ready for it but this strain is perfect for you if you like getting totally blasted. Tested at 31.93% THC.

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