GMO Cookies by Eden Cannabis Co.

(Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies)

Purchased for 60 out the door (40 with my discount) at Garden of Eden in Hayward.

This is consistently one of the strongest strains I’ve ever had, I’ve never had a batch that failed to get me incredibly high. Just goes to show you don’t need weird ass genetics to make an awesome strain. It has an extremely pungent smell that’s pretty hard to describe, it’s kinda like super skunky garlic if that makes any sense. It has an incredibly strong indica dominant high that kicks in pretty fast and seems to last a super long time. The high is pretty damn intense so I really wouldn’t recommend this strain for lightweights but if you can handle really high levels of THC then this is the strain for you. I know some people might be skeptical of the test results but all I can say is it gets me high as fuck. Tested at 37.08% THC.

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