Lime Sherbet from 3C Farms

Lime Sherbet from 3C Farms via OG Cannabis Cafe on 2/21/2020. THCa tested out to 24.26%. (Shoutout to Matt at 3C Farms and Red Rodriguez at the OG Cannabis Cafe for making it happen) Not going to mention what I picked it up for here so the post doesn’t get deleted but hit the link in my bio for a 100% uncensored review. Out of all the samples from 3C Farms I gravitated toward this one for my second review as I’m a fan of citrus scents in my herb. These semi dense buds look to be pear in color but the mass amounts of yellowed triches flooding the surface give it more of a chartreuse appearance with sporadic pops of reddish brown pistils fighting their way to the top of the mini canopy with all their might.

The nose out of the jar is a hyper musty version of Jack. It’s got a strong potpourri floral scent coupled with an acrid spice that, when combined, give me virgin lime margarita like vibes. On busting open a bud a sugar sweet fruit emerges complimenting that musty jack and shifting into more of a candy lime overall. When breaking it down by hand the mustiness completely disappears and gives off a very sweet tangy lime scent that harkens back to its namesake. The dry pull on the joint has a faint musty lime with a sugar sweet edge. The inhale is smooth and has a smokey tang on the joint where as on the bong it offered a muted freshness with a citrus zing. The exhale on the joint has a minor sweet lime with a bit of a tangy after taste on the joint where as the bong has a bit of a fuller lime aftertaste. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes I noticed got a lime taste with a fresh aspect to it at 170c and noticed the lime seemed to pop just slightly more at 185c while the freshness took a backseat. The headchange comes on with a quickness and has a noticeably racy almost caffeine like paranoid lilt. It’s the kind of herb that gets me on my feet and walking around with no real plan but constantly looking for places to invest that morning wake and bake energy. I found myself quickly organizing my thoughts, compiling a list of tasks to complete, and getting excited to start knocking them out one by one. Lime Sherbet exemplified all the qualities I look for in a sativa and I’ll definitely grab more next time I’m near one of 3Cs shops and in need of a potent morning strain to kick me in the pants and start off my day the right way. Excellent work by the whole Crew at 3C Farms! Please let me know if you ever make a Clockwork Elves batch of Lime Sherbet, I’d be all over it.

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