Hylia Lemon ( Lemon Bean) by Hylia Farms

Zelda weed! I have to admit I bought this based on packaging and strain alone. Big ole foxtailed buds here. Based on the way it’s not only stacking but coming out all sides guessing genetics and not stress. I don’t grow so I’m just guessing based on dumbass logic. Would love to hear experienced feedback. Really vibrant greens with little dots of rust colored pistils here and there. Really nice coating of Frost that rounds out the look of this wonderful looking flower.

When smelling the first thing I noticed was a very rich lemon gas that burns my nose and pleases my senses all at the same time it reminds me of lemon tree but with a vanilla creaminess. To me lemon tree always taste like a combo of lemon and orange terps and I can definitely taste both here. On the exhale I get vanilla cream that almost gave it a 50/50 bar taste. The high was great for playing drums and guitar but also work well pre workout. I also very much enjoyed as a wake and bake. It’s not super energetic but also not sedative but definitely gets your creative mind churning and make mundane activity much more enjoyable. To say this flower smoke clean and tasty would be an understatement. This is the best flower I’ve have in 21 no doubt. On a side note I grabbed a 2nd time from the next drop and unfortunately something went a little wrong and there was some bitterness on the exhale and flower burning very black. The impression I get though is that Hylia takes his craft very seriously and his runs will only get more consistent and who knows maybe he can make this taste even better.

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