Flo White by The Real Cannabis Chris

Flo white by the real cannabis ChrisI like a balance of heavy couch lock strains, fun social strains and even energetic make you clean the house strains. So when I saw Flo White I grabbed mostly for the effect and honestly was just trying to taste everything I could by Chris. The Cannabis Chris fresh press always looks a little special with a transparency that’s been nicknamed “clear tech” because of how little the light is scattered or diffused much like water and you can clearly see the lettering on the label through the golden glob of rosin.

When smelling I get little bits of sweet pine and Little bit of mint coolness. The dab tasted very similar and although it’s not the strongest taste you pick up pine and earthy notes with some citrus or something slightly tart and also some cooling effect similar to mint but not mint flavored. The high had a very quick head change that was a uplifting happy feeling and definitely had me ready to hang and have some fun. Overall this wasn’t the tastiest dab I’ve had but also there was nothing that tasted bad and melted clean. The high though was exactly as I hoped and you can tell by the strength and length of time it lasted that it was high quality product with more than likely great source material.

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