Supercharger by Grandiflora

Heard from friends and followers that this was worth a try so when I saw at dispo I picked up with little hesitation. I saw lots of mixed information on the genetics so I will leave that off of here. The look on this flower was really nice and the first thing I noticed was a healthy coating on resin that really had the flowers sticking to my hands. The color was really a pale hunter green with little peeks of purple here and there with pistils popping out with no discernible pattern. I do see a possibility of some foxtailing but not completely sure. The structure was really nice and easy to break apart and remove stems.

When opening the bag you’re met immediately with a musky pine and earth smell with a little bit of sweetness. When smoking it smokes like a straight Og all kinds of pine and earthy terps. Maybe some citrus? And definitely sweet and cooling in my mouth. Not overly like mint but just slightly. The high was very nice as it was uplifting and mood elevating without the energetic feel and it helped with pain and relaxed me but I never got too tired. All in all it was great smoking weed with a great effect. The taste didn’t really have me craving more but also didn’t turn me away. Look for more granflora reviews coming soon.

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