Baklava by Alien Labs

Finally got my hands on some the classics dropped by the Alien. This flower had really nice bag appeal. The different shades of purple combined with the different shades of green and the orange pistils almost gives this flower a bit of a rainbow appearance. Was also covered quite thickly by sticky resin that left some of those creamy gelato terps on my hand.

Upon opening the jar the first thing I noticed was the almost abrasive smell of gas and pine just really burned my nose was so intense. If I kept smelling I also could pick up the familiar gelato sweet creaminess. When smoking I tasted all gas and earthy terps and really expanded my lungs and had me coughing everytime. This was clean and well cured but not smooth smoke and I believe that just come with the terps. So if you like that big Og gas smoke that hurts so good I can definitely recommend this strain. For me I like more complex terps and taste and a little smoother. The structure was great and very easy to break apart. The high was outstanding came on fast and hard and definitely left me feeling relaxed. This isn’t a good strain to be active with as its very sedating even with my high tolerance I found myself feeling lazy and sluggish trying to play drums after. All in all this is another winner from alien labs but not my exact preference.

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