Sour Clementine Cookies by The Real Cannabis Chris

Chris has been rocking the Orange terps so when I saw this cross I knew I wanted to try it. As always the looks of this rosin is spectacular and showing off his “clear tech” in a way where you can read the whole label through the golden clear rosin.

When smelling the rosin you smell a little bit of orange juice terps and whole lot of onions terps but it comes together very nicely. When dabbing the first thing you taste is overripe oranges come in but quickly followed by a taste I would compare to grilled onions and DMT and it’s so confusing to my brain. Starts off so nice and pleasant and then wham this pungent taste comes in that seems like is going to get gross but then this weird mesh up sour and savory happens and I really ended up enjoying the flavors very much. The high was very uplifting and euphoric and almost energetic but not quite. Anxiety relieving and relaxing but not sedative. Was a really nice effect that could be desirable at just about any part of the day. Another awesome flavor by one of the best!

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