Galactic Gas by Alien Labs

The name of this one alone how could I keep avoiding?!? Oh yeah because it’s gelato on gelato. No surprise here this was some very purple flower with very little green peeking out. The tiny orange pistils can be barely seen as they’re small and tucked away. Heavy coating of frost really gives it that iced out look too. The structure was nice but the smaller buds did make it tedious to break apart and remove the stems.

When smelling you really get smell of diesel and pine and can really feel it on my nose it’s so pungent. Typical skunk smell seems more pungent than usual as well. When smoking it’s very harsh and heavy but again the cure was good and burned clean but the taste is so abrasive it choked me everytime. The flavors that come out are earthy and gas and little bit of skunk. The high was awesome came on fast and strong. Very relaxing and definitely wanted to just sit and chill after. You really feel it start to make everything feel heavier but it’s uplifting and a stress reliever so it’s worth it and a really nice night cap. All in all not the smoothest smoke and since I can find just as heavy smoke that’s smoother I will stay away from this one in the future. I’m just not a huge fan of gelato terps but it’s still really good smoke if that’s your thing.

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