Thicc Mint Cookies By Cannabiotix

Durban Poison X Og Kush

Missed this one on my first couple scoops of CBX but kept hearing it was one of the best so I really was curious. I can definitely say I’m glad I did. Very nice bag appeal on these flowers with a combo of greens and purples with some flowers being morepurple than others with long pistils popping out in no particular pattern and overall just looking outstanding and very appetizing. Very well trimmed and great structure with no problems working with and breaking apart.

I was really pleased with the smell and this was the first time that this strain’s name really made sense as I was smelling minty cookie dough terps that was reminiscent of being in a bakery while fresh cookies being baked. There were some nice earthy and gas notes in there too. When smoking the gas and mint doughiness really comes through and smokes really smooth and tasty. The high comes on relatively quick and is strong. Very relaxing and a really great stress reliever. Definitely uplifting and made me laugh a lot. I would recommend for movies but also could have you passing out prematurely so be careful. Overall Cbx kills it and this is a prime example of that. Even there strains that I reviewed poorly smoke much better than some hyped more expensive brands.

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