Birthday Cake by Exclusive Melts

Otherwise known as wedding cake? Not sure on this one because I’ve have a birthday cake that was a sweet Jack type flavor and then have had it basically be a wedding cake. I probably should have asked. When admiring this live resin I’m really pleased with the color as it’s slightly light yellow color and wet consistency of badder that is easy to work with and still really terpy. One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve been doing this block of bho reviews from a few different brands the exclusive melts consistently melts the cleanest and leaves behind a reclaim puddle cleaner looking than all the others.

The smell on this was gassy and minty with hints of Carmel and sugar. When dabbing the the sweetness and Carmel come through nicely as does the gas. Some cooling of the mint but none of the flavor. Very clean feeling when dabbing and no burn on my throat very smooth enjoyable terps. The high was pretty strong and another trend I’ve noticed with exclusive melts is their strength in their high is always better than most others. Noticed back in the day and still seems true today. Anyhow this was a relaxing euphoric high that made writing and playing music very easy and fun other than a slight bit of a couch lock before got going. Like I’ve said in other reviews this stuff is great and I just need some better flavors to review.

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