Papaya Punch by Resin Ranch Extraction

I really feel like Resin Ranch is one of the best hash makers in the game without a doubt. Plus if you ever had the pleasure of communicating with him he’s a genuinely nice guy. So right away that makes me want to support. This jar of hash was nearly white in color and of the cold cure variety. Definitely looking more wet than the other flavor I grabbed.

When smelling you definitely get that pungent sweet and sickening smell of papaya in this case the smell was sweeter than usual and I was attributing that too the Purple Punch in the cross. When dabbing you get a mixed fruit candy taste. You a taste the papaya but has a different sweetness to it and reminded me of a special flavor of Kool-aid. The high comes on pretty quickly mostly a head high. Very Euphoric and has that uplifting feel that makes you want to go out and socialize. Its also great for physical activities especially creative ones. The one negative is that it was so terpy that it was slightly harsh or it could have been that flavor combo and I couldn’t handle large dabs of it. Overall another banger by Resin Ranch and even though it wasn’t perfect for me you can really tell it’s fire.

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