Papaya by Wonderbrett

I know everyone likes to shit on corporate cannabis as flavorless mids. Kind of reminds me of the music scene growing up where being on a major label automatically meant you sucked in some people’s eyes. Well one example that breaks that mold many times over in my experience is wonderbrett. So when I saw they had papaya I knew I needed to try it. First of all the buds are very nice and easily identifiable as papaya with orange stringy pistils sticking out more than you see typical see. Some lime green and hunter greens in there and a nice appetizing coating of resin. The trim was a little odd and slightly disappointing but I’ve also noticed this happens with papaya often so maybe something about the structure makes it hard to get a better trim.

When smelling the flowers you immediately notice the putrid tropical smell I’ve come to know as Papaya cannabis. When really smelling deep it almost became sweet baby vomit smell. So I stopped smelling that deep and tried to forget that. When smoking the flowers a lot of pungent tropical funk is there with some sweetness and a nice woodsy earthiness. The high was very mellow with a nice uplifting feeling and sometimes slightly spacey. I found it useful in social or creative situations the most. Definitely a nice mood enhancer. Overall I enjoyed this flower and the best part was the taste and smell. If your looking for something with heavy medicated effects I’d look elsewhere. Burned clean smoked great tasted great it’s why I’ll definitely keep going back to wonderbrett.

Majora’s Mazk by Hylia Farms

I have to admit that after smoking this growers Hylia Lemon (Lemon Bean) I was very excited to try anything he was going to drop next although mostly wanted to try the Z. But when I saw the artwork for this one I was immediately interested. It was fire and it was a strain I’d never heard of, although when speaking to Hylia he informed me it was a bag seed found in Zerbert. Man when I heard that I got excited for some candy terps. So the look was pretty spectacular in my opinion. Had that almost papaya look to it with the pistils sticking out so far and definitely a little airy look to it that you typically find with organic soil grown cannabis. The colors were dark greens and little bits of purple covered in a lot of frost. When I first received the flowers they were pretty wet and not only didn’t feel right but also didn’t smoke right. I know after talking with some different people who’s opinions I really respect that I wasn’t the only one to encounter that issue. I was able to jar cure with burping it daily to a really nice cure. My review will be based on smoking and smelling after that point.

The smell was a gassy gassy sweet smell with a tad bit of mint and pungent smell of skunk. The longer I smelled the more complex and nuisance the fragrance got. Sometimes smelling very sweet and almost fruity and sometimes smelling like sweet pungent diesel fuel. Always kept my nose wanting more. When smoking unfortunately most of the sweetness goes away and your let with a very gassy almost mouth cooling flavor with just a bit sweet creaminess left on your pallet as you exhale. Overall still a very enjoyable flavor even if disappointing compared to how I come to expect Zerbert to taste. The lung expansion and high on this one are quite special and for those who like one hitter type weed this is one of those types. This one really beats you up and makes you cough a lot but never has any bad taste just strong weed feel. And once smoked you almost immediately feel the stress and any anxiety melt away. You easily settle into a seated or laid out position and relaxed. What is also awesome is it’s just uplifting enough to keep you focused for any kind of creative work you want to do. Overall at the price I’m really disappointed with the fact that this needed a further cure. But once that cure was finished I was left with some really fire clean burning weed. I’m hopeful that my experiences with Hylia will get slightly less expensive and more consistent with the released product.

Zemon Drop by Cold Fire Extracts

Upcoming extraction company that I tried based on a friend’s recommendation. Reading throughout their press releases and packaging information they really seem motivated to provide a high quality connoisseur level bho dab at a fair and reasonable price. I grabbed this flavor out of habit but as of late lemon terps have really been hit or miss for me as some are really harsh and chemical tasting so was kinda regretting it. When looking at this resin it really is quite a striking bright yellow and smooth in texture.

The smell was sweet lemon and pledge lemon combined that was pleasing and offensive to my senses all at the same time. Really has the pledge lemon drop smell closest to the candy I’ve smelled. When dabbing I was pleasantly surprised with a creamy lemon candy gas terp that was really enjoyable. Honestly out of all the flavors picked this ended up being my favorite and was also tasted like the highest quality with the purest extraction done. Overall this seems like a good brand with a great morality compass. Definitely will be trying more flavors in the future.

Dans Rollin Up Doughnut Joint

Definitely a lot of hype behind the doughnut joints right now. Even have Rec companies starting to make them. But with all the legal limitations I really think the traditional market has a leg up on the infused joints. The king of the Doughnut though is Dan and you see that in 2 ways: the quality of the material and quality and consistency of the craftsmanship.

The first one I tried I shared between 2 buddies. For such a small joint I was really impressed with how high we got. I don’t remember the flavors but was Surefire Selections for the flowers and Wca for the hash. The 2nd one I had was Z41 flowers by Surefire Selections and Papaya hash by Dank Czar. The craftsmanship on it was outstanding and burned perfectly all the way through. With good air flow no canoe and a doughnut hole each time. This one in particular I shared with 4 other buddies and again was really impressed with how long it lasted and how nice and substantial the high was. When you hit the hash worm the flavor really changed and became even more enjoyable. Overall if you’re looking for a doughnut Joint this might be the best one to get. It’s more of a sesh type thing for me as I don’t typically smoke J’s on my own. I think for high end options with Joints I prefer a cannagar with more flowers and hash with a slower burn but this was very enjoyable and I will be getting more for sure.

Grandi Guava by Grandiflora

To those that don’t know rumor has it Grandi Guava came from a bag seed of NorCal Nemo’s Guava Gas. The drama that followed was pretty funny but that’s neither here nor there. Pretty nice looking flowers here with plenty of purples laced in with the greens and a nice healthy coating of frost. Small bit of orange pistils sucked in tight against the bud. The space in between purchasing this flower and the Nemo guava was large but I can tell you these buds look nothing alike. Nemo didn’t have this much purple and definitely wasn’t dense nugs like these are. Comparing really shows the difference the nutrients have on the appearance with Nemo being organic and fed with homemade teas vs Grandi using Athena Ag (salts) One shit thing is there was a random stem hanging out and none of the buds were missing stems. For me wasn’t a giant loss but really doesn’t do much for the “top shelf” presentation.

When smelling I picked up on slightly sweet but unintelligible fruit smells along with a sweet creamy gas similar to a gelato. Overall the smell was subtle with the gas and funk coming through the most. When smoking I was surprised you taste some of the sweet fruity flavors combined with the gas in a nice way. But on the exhale you get this artificial chemical taste and not like chem terps but honestly it’s a back ground taste I pick up often in some of big commercial grows that leads me to believe it’s the nutrients impact on flavors. I’ve heard growers talking about how raw salts used in the nutrients are stealing terps compared to older growing methods. This is all speculation as I’m not a grower and know very little of what goes into the grows other than what they claim. Overall I like Grandiflora and this was decent flower but this was a great example of when you take really fire boutique cannabis genetics and grow them in a scaled up commercial grow it’s definitely going to lose something.

Cali Berry by Lumpy’s Flowers

Been awhile since I’ve been able to score any Lumpys. I know they had some licensing issues and were building new facilities. Honestly I know nothing but that’s what I gathered from their Ig stories. But super stoked seeing them popping back up in stores. This flower was really nice looking and had a great blend of purples, greens and orange with a nice healthy coating of resin. Great bud structure and seemingly perfect trim.

When smelling I noticed this sweet and sour candy like smell but can’t identify what the flavor is just seems like a generic fruit punch smell but less chemical and more herbal. I remember the reckless rainbow had a similar sweet and sour vibe and so definitely picking up the reckless genetics here. When I really think berries when smelling then that’s what I smell but didn’t stand out as an obvious berry smell. When smoking the sweet and sour and definitely there along with some gas and earthy pine terps. Your mouth is left coated in a sweet almost raspberry candy like flavor. Really nice and unique tasting terps and has some similarities between the Raspberry Bellini hash I’ve had in the past. The high was a gentle euphoric one definitely had me feeling relaxed. I did notice I had to go for more smoke fairly quick as the head change didn’t seem to last very long. Overall it seems Lumpys is still growing fire tasting weed that burns clean and is enjoyable to smoke. Will definitely have my eyes out for more.

Melon Mints by Exclusive Melts

Typical golden yellow creamy looking live resin badder very appetizing appearance for a dab. Very wet and terpy looking too.

When smelling I notice some mint and this gassiest paint thinner smell and some water cucumber terps slightly present The dab was nice mostly this minty cookie gas taste. Without being fruity or sweet there’s a bit of the fresh taste of the typical melon terps. Overall I was a little let down by the flavor of this one was hopeful for a fruity or even a tangy taste but was mostly gas but even still tasted really good and clean. The high was nice with a good head change and immediately felt the relaxing feeling sweep over me. Definitely could make for a chill night.

Project 41510 by Grandiflora

Had been wanting to try Grandflora for awhile but kept missing out on strains I wanted to try. On a recent dispo run they had a lot of good flavors. This one was a complete mystery to me and I’ve read the genetics are unknown. I actually prefer that so I’m not expecting anything in particular. The appearance on this was pretty amazing as there were beautiful greens and purples covered with an array of orange pistils. The resin on this was pretty thick and really rounded out the look of this flower nicely. One interesting note was it seemed like 2 nugs really got purple and while 2 others stayed pretty green.

When smelling this flower it definitely reminds me of some gelato terps but doughy as well. Really gassy and a savory pepper that reminds me of a frito corn chip. I pick up some mint and pine too with some pungent skunk. Honestly this stuff was pretty stinky and almost off putting but I kept going back for more. When smoking this flower is almost all gas with some slight sweet mint underneath but when you exhale just all heavy harsh gas. For some that flavor profile might not sound the best but was honestly quite good and definitely let you know you were smoking something not vaping. The high was pretty nice started off mostly in the head but eventually settled out to a nice complete body high. Overall this was really nice flower but nothing about it made me think wow I need more. I believe that is strictly preference because this flower really felt complete.

Banana Foster by Cold Fire Extracts

Buddy told me about this knowing that I like to go back and forth with Bho and Solventless. This one in particular is a Live Resin Badder produced with Living soil indoor flowers. The appearance was a chunky yellow paste that is the perfect appearance for this product.

When smelling it has a smell of fresh baked banana bread and eucalyptus with some pungent skunk. When dabbing you notice a taste of sweetness and bananas almost like stale banana candy. On the downside their was a quite obvious plant material taste too. Reminded me of a nug run or maybe even trim run taste. Everything looked and smelled right so I’m not sure what that comes from. The high was nice and euphoric and a decent uplifting change. But it seem to have a short life. All in all for the price wasn’t the worst dab but not the best either. Will be trying other flavors to see the consistency.

Pineapple Og by Wonderbrett

Been wanting to try this one for awhile as I love most of the Wonderbrett I’ve had and people keep telling me this is one of their best. So when I saw the smalls available I went and still grabbed. For being smalls these were still good size nugs and I’ve definitely gotten smaller nugs in a regular package of other brands. The nugs were light and darker shades of greens with a pretty standard length and consistency of pistils. Not the prettiest structure but still nice and easy to work with.

The smell was a savory pepper with some sweet maybe mango or some kind of fruity undertones. When smoking it really was an interesting savory sweet smoke that I couldn’t really compare to anything. Maybe even some Mexican candy terps in there. The high really smacked and was an instant mood elevator. I really loved the effects and taste and can’t wait to get the full size nugs and get the full experience. Overall another winner by Wonderbrett in my eyes. Looks like a lot of new flavors coming out by them too so very exciting.